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The Process

This splits into two phases- Design and Build. Each stage signifies an individual segment of the process and marks a key progress point.

Design Phase Build Phase
1. Consultation 1. Contract 5. Internal
2. Proposal 2. Groundwork 6. External
3. Planning 3. Delivery 7. Completion
4. Technical 4. Installation 8. Sign off

Design Phase

1. Consultation
After discussing your project with a member of the enquiry team, a designer will arrange with you a consultation appointment at your property. We discuss your project with you in detail in order to gain a full understanding of your style preferences, spatial requirements and budget. This is completely free of charge.
2. Proposal
When appointed the designer will then develop a comprehensive proposal comprising of plans, 3-D visuals and samples. Together we discuss all aspects of the proposal and ensure the project meets your expectations and needs and budget.
3. Planning
We will advise you on whether a planning application is required and guide the process. Our Team have submitted many successful planning applications and will use our experience to your benefit. Not all extensions may require planning and can be built under the Permitted Development Rights, your designer will advise further. Our team handle the whole process and communicate with all relevant parties throughout the process.
4. Technical
Knowing you are happy with your proposal and any planning permissions (if needed) have been granted, we draw up final approval plans and elevations, specification and financial breakdown for your perusal. Once approved we draw up the working drawings and our technical engineers complete the structural and SAP calculations. The team are on hand to discuss all areas, ensuring you feel confident and enthusiastic about the next exciting Phase and we are ready to start the component manufacture.

"An Elements extension reflects your desire
for exceptional quality and aesthetics."

Be inspired by rooms flooded with natural light, that impact a new sense of freedom and allow you to live connected to nature. Customers who want to shape their home environment as a balance between everyday activities and personal space will find the design quality of an Elements extension can help them achieve this more easily. It can realise what they seek in their own home environment.

In addition to the bespoke planning and construction an owner can draw upon a well-coordinated team of the best help. This saves not only valuable time during the build phase but also delivers better quality from the trades traditionally contracted separately.

Build Phase

1. Contract
Knowing the exact specification, design and costs we raise the build contract that comprises of detailed drawings, bill of quantities and full financial breakdown. Once signed by both parties the manufacture button is pressed. We take this opportunity to discuss build schedules and ensure all parties have been accounted and scheduled accordingly.

Each of the 6 stages below is a key phase of the build process and marks either the beginning or milestone in progress.

  • 2. Groundwork
  • 3. Delivery
  • 4. Installation
  • 5. Internal
  • 6. External
  • 7. Completion

8. Sign off
Installation complete this signifies the full and final sign off from you the customer, Elements the company and any Regulating authorities. On payment of balance all Guarantees and regulatory certificates are issued.

Project Complete..............time to enjoy!

Financial Security.

As a company we simply ask for payment as and when we reach a stage point. With the exception of the free design consultation, each stage also resembles a stage payment point. Therefore no big deposits with nothing to show, instead a simple payment structure. All payments fall in line with proportional amount of labour or material costs of the project at any given point. No suprises - All costs are presented and agreed in writing prior to work commencing. This protects you as a customer and means you are only paying for what you are receiving be it labour or materials.

The design proposal fee is determined by the size and complexity of a given project and there is no obligation to instruct after the initial design meeting. A full breakdown will be provided for the designers scope of work and associated costs.

In the event planning was not granted you have no obligation to move to contract

A copy of our terms and conditions can be supplied on request relating to both